Snoqualmie Bike Trip

June 2nd, 2001 - Downhill the entire way from the east end of the Snoqualmie Pass tunnel to Rattlesnake Lake park near North Bend.  Chilly and rainy.

unloading at start.JPG (89707 bytes) Unloading at Hyak parking lot. west end of tunnel.JPG (103172 bytes) Emerging on the West side.
ready to go.JPG (86218 bytes) Ready to roll! at finish.JPG (87730 bytes) End of the ride.
w end of tunnel.JPG (147619 bytes) West end of tunnel. nick after ride 1.JPG (80074 bytes) Muddy, wet and cold....
trying to stay warm at finish.JPG (102287 bytes) Huddling around the warm suburban. finished wet and muddy.JPG (108983 bytes) Rattlesnake park lot in the rain.

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